Wished you had a trusted local friend to help you get the most out of your visit to Iceland?
If so, HandPicked Iceland is the next best thing! I´m Gigi and I´m passionate about finding unique places that are authentic, green, and offer amazing experiences.  Soooo, if you are anything like me, curious and want to learn about the local culture, like to have fun and be spontaneous, appreciate beautiful things, love good food and mild expresso, you will definitely enjoy my HandPicked places and suggestions and go back home with fulfilling memories! You got my word for it!

I´m a Designer and nature-loving person that strives to create something that doesn’t pollute the environment, nor our eyes. The printed maps are hand-drawn by the Icelandic artist Elisabet Brynhildardóttir and Printed in Iceland by Eco labeled printshop. We also strive to choose collaboration with companies that are environmentally friendly, either by choosing local produce and ingredients and/or actively doing something that protects the environment.

HandPicked Iceland APP and printed maps


Owning a publishing company I also find it important to give back to nature and we do so by planting about a thousand trees every year in Heiðmörk Activity Park, which is where our office is located, next to the Reykjavik Forestry. I´m proud to say that I was nominated, in 2013, for the Publishing award by The Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources.





The reason we can create a free guide for you without the advertising clutter is that we charge the HandPicked businesses a small fee in return for a promotion with other like-minded businesses. Win win situation!

I printed the first HandPicked – EAT – map in 2010 and since then the concept has grown slowly but steadily. Going from only Restaurants to local shops, local food, activities & museums.  All are free for travelers to enjoy!

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Follow the sign of authenticity!






HandPicked Wan
The best part of my work is when I “have to” travel around the country on my HandPicked wan, to search for new interesting places and visit HandPicked friends.
See you on the road 🙂

HandPicked van

Have a great journey!

Gigi and the team of picky locals

Owned and published by By GiGi – inspired by Icelandic nature, well-being and sustainable living. The maps are printed in an environment-friendly printing shop in Iceland using vegetable-based inks.