Daytrips from Reykjvík offer you a chance to see nature and experience adventures but still get back to Reykjavík at night. We are going to suggest four-day trips this summer from Reykjavík that we love, with our favorite stops and each trip has a theme. This is the first one, full of beautiful scenery and local fun. 

The “non-tourist“ trip – 156 KM

On this route, you will see churches, amazing landscapes, and geothermal nature.  

THEY WAY: Turn to the left of the Reykjanesbrautinni highway before coming to the factory in Straumsvík, the exit is called Krísuvík. Road 5 is then driven for a while and after you drive past Kleifarvatn lake you take a turn towards the town Þórlákshöfn, into road 427. From Þorlákshöfn you drive to the next town Eyrabakki and then from there to Selfoss and then Hveragerði. Finally, you drive back home to Reykjavik on Highway 1, on the ring road. 

TAKE WITH YOU: swimwear, hiking boots, warm jacket, water bottle and camera. 


       Kleifarvatn – a beautiful and deep lake where you can fish and possibly see the monster that lives in the lake! 

     Geothermal field – Seltún – Beautiful hikes in between geothermal geysers in the area. 

       Strandarkirkja church– said to be good luck to give coins to the church.

       Þorlákshöfn Swimmingpool – new and nice swimmingpool, slopes, steambaths and more.

       Laugabúð Eyrarbakka shop – we recommend the drink Sínalco with a liquorice straw and some pastries in this historic shop. 

       Art Museum in Hveragerði – always interesting shows going on. 

And remember to follow your instincts, take weird turns and stop wherever your heart tells you


Have a nice trip!

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