Handpicked Roadtrip – Day 1
Today’s schedual was the following:

Eat/Culture – Edduveröld
Culture – Byggðasafn Borgarfjarðar
Shop – Ljómalind
Eat/Culture – Settlement Center
Sleep – Ensku Húsin

1dagur7 1dagur6

The trip began in Reykjavík where we picked up Runólfur (the car), a 1977 Renault Estafette. Before we could leave we had to learn all the tricks and tips of making Runólfur work, sleep and run smoothly. We had a lot of luggage, but managed to pack everything neatly into the car in secret cabinets and closets. After saying our goodbyes we headed out of Reykjavík. We hadn’t been driving for long, when some brisk winds came and gave us a bit of a scare. On our short drive from Reykjavík to Borgarnes the window wipes decided not to work (this happened a few times, but always kicking back in at some point 🙂

Our first stop was Edduveröld, there we could choose from many sorts of very delicious looking cakes. They also have a very interesting miniature world of the Eddu saga. There must have been a lot of work put into all those small details. It really was an interesting way to revise what we had learned about the Eddu saga in school.


Byggðasafnið has a really great exhibition of photographs and artefacts that tell the story of children in Iceland and how they have changed in the last 100 years. I really enjoyed that show and could have stayed there all day just walking among all those photographs, wandering how those children’s lives had turned out for them.


Ljómalind is a farmers marked sort of store that has so much to offer. There they waited for us with a goody-bag full of lovely groceries from their store. My favorite was the lemon jam from Hundastapa and the Kví Kví candy, Agnes´s was the Spicy Blackberry jam and the organic tomatoes. At Ljómalind you can not only find food, but also all sorts of goodies. They have a lot of good gift options like knit wear and art.

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I had been to The Settlement Center before, playing a show there last December. But I had never been to the museum. I really had fun and an extra bonus was to see the Egils saga exhibition. Such beautiful artwork, really amazing. After the exhibition we went up to the restaurant. Agnes had a gourmet hamburger and I had the fish of the day that melted in my mouth. Yumm!

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At Ensku húsin we were welcomed by the lovely Anna Dröfn and Hjörleifur. What a beautiful place. It is so cozy and soulful. We played a small show for the guests after the USA vs Belgium football game finished on the TV. Great atmosphere and good people filled the room, many had come from around the area to spend the evening with us. 


It was a really fun end to a great day!

The Lay Low song for the day is Bye Bye Troubles 🙂

Lay Low – Bye Bye Troubles