Handpicked Trip – Day 3

EAT – Hótel Búðir
PLAY – Vatnshellir
EAT – Fjöruhúsið Hellnum
PLAY – Láki Tours
EAT / SLEEP – Hótel Egilssen

After a good night’s sleep at Hótel Búðir we were up early to open our schedule for day 3. Over a lovely breakfast we went over the plan and had a look at the weather forecast. Outside was grey and rainy, but a little rain would not stop us from the adventure plan we had for the day.

First stop was a trip to Vatnshellir. There we went underground to explore this 8000 year old cave. Very interesting to learn how they formed and how they are preserved. The guide noticed that he had some singers in his group and asked us to sing a song in one of the caves. Of course we did! It was a really funny experience to sing A Capella in the pitch black cave with people standing around with torch lights pointed at your face. This made me laugh!


After the wet trip to Vatnshellir we found our way to Fjöruhúsið at Hellnar where we had a lovely lunch with a view.
A filling fish soup and a really good vegetarian pie.. yummy!

After lunch we noticed that the weather had not gotten any better. This weather was bound to change some plans, both the wind were up to 30 m/s so unfortunately the whale expedition with Láki Tours was out of the picture. No risking in this kind of weather. It got so windy that we were even worried that we couldn’t drive on (since the car is very top heavy and wobbly in winds). We killed time and met up with friends who helped us call around and figure out how the weather was on the roads we needed to go. After some talks and phonecalls we decided to just start driving very very slowly.
So slowly slowly slowly we managed to get over to Stykkishólmur.


And that evening there was another pop up show planed for us at a boutique hotel in a historic house called Hótel Egilssen in Stykkishólmur. Before the show we were invited to eat at Saltkjallarinn, there we had a very nice dinner fish and lamb.

The Pop Up show went very well and guests came and joined us.
For the night we stayed at  Harbour Hostel, thankfully. It was so windy that it probably would have been a shaky night if we’d stayed in the car, blowing in the wind.

IMG_6139 IMG_6132

Day 3 – Lay Low song of the day

Lay Low – Helganga