Handpicked Iceland – Days 5 & 6

Day 5
Rauðasandur Festival

Day 6
EAT – Franska Kaffihúsið
PLAY – Sjávarsmiðjan – Þaraböð
EAT / SLEEP  – Guesthouse Nýp

DAY 5 – This day started with us looking out of our safe little sleeper van at friends and others all packing down their tents. A wind storm came over that morning and now the rescue team had come to move everyone over to Patreksfjörður. It was really nice to be able to just wake up and drive off without packing up a tent.


Because we are so slow we decided to let everyone else pack up and go over that scary mountain road ahead of us so we wouldn’t stop all traffic. Thankfully our friends are working at the French Cafe at Rauðasandur. There we got some coffee and bread for the road.


Back up that scary hill, I was sure we wouldn’t make it this time… but thankfully I was wrong.

Saturday we just spent at Patreksfjörður with friends, going to the swimming pool and preparing and rehearsing for the show that evening. There we also discovered a new restaurant, Heimsendi Bistro where we could eat delicious gourmet hamburgers and Plokkfiskur… we like!


That evening we played a really fun show at Sjóræningjahúsið and had a fun night out with friends at Rauðasandur Festival. Makríl, Ylja, Sóley, Emiliana Torrini, Lay Low and Kött Grá Pjé were on the schedule for the day.

IMG_6547 IMG_6506 IMG_6446 IMG_6497 IMG_6501

For the night we slept in Runólfur, safe and sound… like babies.

Day 5 – Lay Low song of the day

Lay Low – The Backbone

DAY 6 – On this sunny sunday morning we opened up the next schedule and said goodbye to Patreksfjörður and Rauðasandur Festival. Takk fyrir okkur, it was a blast!

IMG_6563 IMG_6570

The drive took very long because of road work. Finally we got to Sjávarsmiðjan – Þaraböð at Reykhólum, we were late and thought we had missed the chance to have some Þara baths. But the lovely host waited for us and welcomed us with hot baths, delicious drinks and beautiful scenery. Perfect way to end our long and hard country road drive.

IMG_6611 IMG_6608

After the baths we drove to Skarðsströnd and looked for Guesthouse Nýp. When we arrived we could instantly feel the relaxing and healing environment as soon as we stepped out of the car. There Þóra and Sumarliði took us in and had prepared the most delicious organic home cooked meal. The best I’ve had for a while. It is not a big place so the pop up show was really small. They have a fireplace were we sat around and played a few songs. In the living room there are really good acoustics, so it was really enjoyable to play there, we could have played all night long.

IMG_6625IMG_6633 IMG_6621 IMG_6641

After a good evening like that, nothing else to do but sleep like a stone…zzzzz

Day 6 – Lay Low song of the day

Lay Low – Our Conversations